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With XtremiA, Elexinn innovates and proposes a new deep animal insemination protocol. Beyond the gun itself revolutionary, we offer to insemination professionals a range of services to succeed.


Successful inseminations with XtremiA are based on several points:

  • The perfect control of this new protocol through the ability observation of the female to reproduce before insemination.
  • The good inseminator knowledge of the material,
  • The quick and easy assembly of the gun,
  • The fluid gun handling during the achievement of this new act, the drop of the semen the closest to the place of fertilization.

The Elexinn team is able to offer you a comprehensive training to master XtremiA and share during this period its experience with you.

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XtremiA is developed, produced and marketed by Elexinn, start-up specialized in products and services related to animal biotechnologies.

All the products have been designed and tested by a team of technicians and veterinarians from the world of farming in order to offer today’s solutions for tomorrow’s breeding.

The XtremiA range is available today in the following products:

XtremiA gun

  • Each gun is delivered with a piston
  • Ref : XP50
XtremiA sheaths

  • For 0.25mL straws
  • Ref : XC01

  • Ref : XP01

  • The Xtreme-Box is a starter kit gathering all the necessary equipment to launch XtremiA. This kit is contained in a rigid suitcase, to protect the equipment at any time and to store it after its use.
  • Each kit includes: 1 XtremiA gun, 2 pistons, 20 XtremiA sheaths for 0.25mL straws, 1 straw cutter, essential for a clean cut of the straws.
  • Ref : XK50
Gun Holder

  • Car holder, in order to facilitate the handling of the pistol.
  • Ref : XA04

XtremET range:

XtremET sheaths

  • Ref : XC02
  • Specific cap that facilitates the progression into the cervix
  • For 0,25mL straws
XtremiHalf gun

  • Ref : XP51
  • Designed for bicornual insemination

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Customer service

According to our continuous improvement policy, the Elexinn team gives a special interest to your questions and comments, whether they relate to the product itself or its implementation in breeding.

Use this form to any matter relating to the XtremiA protocol. We will reply as soon as possible.


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