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A new
insemination concept

A technical revolution,
insemination 2.0.

Since 1946, animal insemination is a common practice in most breeding types. However, in 70 years the process has not evolved. Today, Elexinn creates XtremiA, a new insemination concept. Its special feature: reach the ultimate…
Revolution? Maybe… Assuredly, a true evolution in the animal insemination field!

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More than a gun
a new insemination concept.

XtremiA is a new insemination protocol: the association of a specific material and a pre-inseminatory ultrasound observation. Thus, this new technique of semen deposition at the uterotubal junction will be offered only to the animals that have been qualified as suitable to be inseminated, to optimize the chances of success at the first insemination.

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The expertise in the heart
of a new process:
insemination 2.0.

The deep insemination by XtremiA transgresses the customs and habits of the classical insemination. It requires a high degree of technicity due to the protocol that is implemented, and a dexterity in the smooth handling that the technician have to make with the gun. Only this touch will allow him to ensure the precise and delicate deposition at the sperm reservoir level.

The trust capital.

XtremiA allows bringing intact spermatozoa the closest to the place of fertilization. This new step is an obvious advantage when using sexed semen or any other micro-doses. It is also suitable for highly producing dairy cows, 3AI cows and + having no ovulation disorders and for animals suffering from metabolic or sanitary disorders involved in uterine environment changes.

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